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BTB Urgent Care 365 Membership Plan

No Insurance. No Deductibles. No Worries.

Coverage for individuals and families for a convenient, low-cost, monthly membership fee.

About Urgent Care 365 from
Broken to Better Urgent Care

Broken to Better Urgent Care is a trusted name among Rock Hill and the surrounding communities. We have developed a unique program to meet the medical needs of Rock Hill residents with or without health insurance. Our new program “My Urgent Care 365” is not health insurance and will not be billed to your insurance or count toward deductibles. Instead, this simple, low-cost, monthly membership program allows you to visit any of our urgent care facilities when you need us, seven days a week, during our convenient hours.

With My Urgent Care 365, you gain access to a set number of visits per year, plus 50% savings on all of our additional services such as X-rays, Procedures, etc.


Here’s why you should sign up for the BTB My Urgent Care 365 Program


It’s simple and easy to get started. Sign up on our website and become a member instantly


Convenient automated monthly billing.


Get peace of mind for an affordable low price.

No Insurance

BTB Membership is not insurance. All services provided by the Retained Medical Practice cannot be billed to insurance.

No Insurance Billing or Deductibles

Since the services cannot be billed to insurance there are no deductibles

Easy Cancellation

Cancel at any time without further obligation if you have not used any visits.

No Hidden Costs

Instead you save 50% on most services.

Family Plans

Family plans include up to five total family members

Which Membership Plan Is Best For You?

Application fee​​: One time $20 for all plans

Plan Fee Per Month Visits Included Per Year Facility Fee Per Visit 50% Off Procedures Annual Flu Shot Annual Sports Physical
Individual $45 3 $25 X-ray, Select Procedures  Yes  Yes
Family Plan(Individual +4) $65 5 $25 X-ray, Select Procedures  Yes  Yes

Service Notes: For vaccines we will recommend Health Department as they are free.


With Membership, You Get 50% Off Our Services

Below is a sample of available services listed.

Service Regular Fee Member Fee
XRay (Any Body Part) $50 $25
EKG $50 $25
Incision and drainage $100 $50